Butch Shepherd

Age: 39
Spouse: Sheila Shepherd
Years Driving: 31
Car: 1972 Nova SS
Car Class: Street Stock
Chassis: stock 1971 Camaro
Motor: stock Chevrolet 350
Hobbies: working on the racecar


Butch Shepherd was born in 1971. His racing career started when he was at the ripe young age of 7 years old racing go-karts. As time progressed he became a better driver and started racing all around the Southeast area. He has won many, many races. During the late eighties he raced a little bit less. In the 90's his older brother Bud started to race cars. During this period of time he raced occasionally, but most of the time he opted to help out his brother.

In 1999 he purchased his first racecar (1969 Chevelle SS with an Oldsmobile body) and raced his first full season in a car. During this year he won three races. His next full season wouldn't be until 2003. He went winless but stayed in contention while being second in points; unfortunately at the end of the season he lacked the sufficient funds to operate his car. He raced on and off during the next couple years in 2007 he stepped into Bud's Limited Late Model for one night. He ended up winning the race in an impressive show of skill

In 2008 he met his wife, Sheila. Sheila had 2 boys from a previous marriage. Butch immediately took them under his wing and taught them about racing. Later in 2008 the couple was joined in marriage on October 10. Butch became the father of the house and got the whole family involved in racing. In 2008 he raced three times, one of which resulted in a DNF. After these series of races Butch decided to get a new car. For father’s day his family bought him the new body he now proudly races. Now the car is finished as seen in the pictures below. (To open the images double click on them below and they will get bigger.)