Bud Shepherd

  • Age: 42
  • Spouse: Chastity Shepherd
  • Years Driving: 32
  • Car: Pontiac GTO
  • Class: Limited Late Model
  • Chassis: '95 MasterSbilt
  • Engine: 350 Buick Motorsports


Bud Shepherd was born in 1968. He started racing go-karts, along with his brother, in 1978 at age 10. He raced all over the southeast. He won tons of races. In 1995 he bought his first car (pictured below). He ran races in that car until 1997.In that same year he bought his current car. Originally this car was painted red and yellow with the number 43. He changed the paint scheme in 2000 to blue and white with the number 11. 
In 1998 he married Chastity Shepherd. The next year in 1999 they had their first child Braylyn. 5 years later they had their second child Autumn. But they weren't done yet. 2 years after that they had Brooklyn, and a year after her Addison came along. His children take after him in the fact that they love to go the races with him. Even Chastity loves to go to the races and cheer her husband on.